Solar panels

Bring on the Sun With Solar Panels From us

Whether you want to protect the environment or become energy independent, solar panel and kits can help. Our offers a variety of solar panel ranging in wattage from 1 to 800. The type of panel you choose will be determined by what you want to do with it.

If you’re looking to power appliances on your RV or boat, a portable solar panel — also known as a flexible solar panel — should do the trick. You can even find solar panel small enough to charge your smartphone when you’re away from a traditional power source.

For the home, a more traditional panel is required. If you want to run a small appliance, a lower wattage, like a 100-watt solar panel, is sufficient. However, if you want to power your entire home, we recommend a high-wattage solar panel. a large grid of at least 300-watt solar panel, for powering a home.

Whatever you choose, Lowe’s is here to help you create a home you love. Shop our solar panels and solar panel kits online at Select curbside pickup during the checkout process, and a store associate will bring your solar panel to your car for a contact-free shopping experience.